Family Funnies

In my family, as I imagine in others, we have a few funny stories that come up once in a while during dinners and get-togethers. Two are from my younger sisters. So read on! I hope this somehow brightens up your day :)


Paula was in Grade 1 and just got home from school. Uncle Ben discovered a failed quiz and asked her about it. My then-7-year-old sister responded that she got a better score than her classmate Rasheen who got 0/10. She continued to explain that in the exam of jumbled letters and determining superlatives, Rasheen should have unjumbled to the word young and completed the sentence: “Jose is the youngest boy in class.” Instead, Rasheen got lost in the first step and came up with a different word, which in turn ended up with the funniest answer: “Jose is the ungoy boy in class.”


My sister Kris was teaching pre-school a few years ago. She’s really good with kids and she knows how to discipline them. She told us that there was this one kid, Kriscel, that was particularly hyperactive, hypertalkative and overenergetic. And every time she’s being rowdy, my sister would call her out and use her full name: “Kriscelda, listen!” “Kriscelda, stop talking!” “Kriscelda!!” She always wondered why the kids would snicker right after.

At the end of a full school year, while filling up report cards, she realized why. The kid’s full name was just Kriscel, not Kriscelda.


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