Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

In the past few months, I’ve labored over finishing Pride and Prejudice again. I have fallen asleep, read and re-read lines, and written off a handful as not understandable. My Book Goals for 2016 have invigorated my reading in the past few days, and I became engrossed in Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s world — to England in the 1800s where the ladies and gentlemen attended balls, spoke beautiful English, and fell in love.

There are many Elizabeths and Mr. Darcys in the modern world. The intelligent witty girl and the mysterious silent boy meet and hate each other initially. This story has been told and retold in many different settings and languages, but one thing remains the same — love is love. We are different from the English in the 1800s — we dress differently, we talk differently, and we express love differently, but we are very similar in want of this:

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

          – Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Ardently admire and love. <3 So beautifully and eloquently said. Oh, Mr. Darcy!

Here’s to us and our Mr. Darcys in this world. May he be more pleasant than the real Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, and may we be as witty and intelligent as Miss Elizabeth Bennet.



All this time, I noticed similarities between Jo of Little Women and Elizabeth of Pride and Prejudice. Maybe after re-reading Little Women, I’ll get to compare them and write a book report-ish entry (Oh, what fun!). But probably not in the near future, as I’ve had too much of my classics in the past month. :)

The 2015 Road Trip

30 - 2015 Album

My 2015! :)

Looking at my 2015 collage, I muse at a very colorful year filled with travels, adventures, and road trips. To me, 2015 was another good and steady year of energy and life! The lowest points I can consider are everyday traffic, unmet plans, and missing yoga classes. Not at all that low. But really, with a healthy, safe, and happy year for my family and RG, I couldn’t ask for anything more. :)

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Merry Christmas!


Sean posing before distributing and opening the gifts :)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! :) Christmases through the years may be different and our situations may be different. But one thing is for sure — it is all about our Lord Jesus and family.

Here’s Sean posing 15 minutes before midnight with our tree and gifts. This is after stuffing ourselves with Noche Buena, and before unwrapping the presents with tornado-like ferocity.

May your every Christmas be filled with happiness and warm cheer. And may we find joy in our hearts even without the frills of the season, because Jesus Christ our Savior is in our midst.

We love You, Jesus! <3 Thank You for this most precious gift. :) Have a blessed holiday season, everyone!


31: Back to the Little Things

31! :)

31! :)

Oh, October. Oh, October!

Yes, this post is more than a month late. But why break the tradition? :) In truth, I’ve been having a hard time just starting with it. Let’s give it another shot, then.

For most of the time before I turned 31, I felt so blah about it. I felt none of the excitement or sparkle that I usually have before October. I planned my family lunch just a few days before my birthday, I didn’t plan friend meet ups, I didn’t expect anything, blah, blah, blah. Is this really how it is as you grow older? I feel like I’m not myself anymore. The usual Chubbs would be giddy with excitement as the end of September approached. This year it was just that: Blah.

I could stop here, but the dreamy-eyed me will hold a strike in protest. I couldn’t let that happen. There is still a lot to be thankful for. And that age — that two-feet-in-the-30s-door age — is one of them.

Midday on October 4th, I began to realize that the day was not about the big things, but about the little ones. Sure, there are frustrations of exactly where I want to be in life. But man, there were more good things than bad. And the bad things were NOT actually bad. I’m just… impatient (as usual), and I just lost some perspective of the things that matter.

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